Asif Ali to lead Rajiv Ravi movie

Asif Ali is a Malayalam actor who plays the role of the actor in the film. Asif Ali will be the hero in the next film directed by the famous director Rajeev Ravi.Asif Ali recently said in an interview that Rajeev Ravi is a much awaited film and this is a police survival story. Sunny Wayne also stars in the film. The film’s main location is expected to be North India.

Meanwhile, Rajiv Ravi’s directorial venture will begin only after the film is produced. The port captain is Nivin Pauly. The main theme of the film is the story of the workers at the port in Kochi.

“The number of taranirakale aninirattiyan ‘turumukham. Apart from Nivin Pauly, Nimisha Sajayan, Biju Menon, Poornima Indrajith, Arjun Asokan, Indrajith and Manikandan Achari are also in the cast. There are some reports that the film tells the story of the 1950s. The port’s FirstLook poster was recently released.

Sukumar Thekkeppat is producing the movie ‘Port for Port’ under the banner of Thekkepattu Films. The story is of Gopan Chitambaram. There are some indications that the movie ‘Port of Port’ is being made about the ‘Chappamla’ system that prevailed in Cochin Port. This practice has even caused bloodshed. The ship’s overseer was throwing a metal token known as chapa to those waiting on the beach for work. Those who receive this token will have the opportunity to work.

Therefore, the workers were running around scrambling to get the token. This process, known as ‘chapa’, has led to many protests.

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