Before the sightings were over, he saw the poem and saw his favorite star: Love

Actresses who make amazing movie appearances on the screen are very popular. Many want to have a look at their favorite star. Poetry is also a favorite, Prithviraj Sukumaran. Kavita also wanted to take a look at her favorite star. Poetry was able to see her favorite star before she lost her eyesight completely. A note on Prithviraj’s poem. Rajiv S Malayalappuzha, a fan of Prithviraj, shared the note on Facebook and has already gone viral.

Desires and expectations are the main factors that drive a human to live. The Malayalam cinema world, the actors who play it, the few technicians and so on have conquered the minds of Malayalees. Being conquered means worshiping them, loving one’s family.

Poetry from Pathanapuram is a very different form of worship. Prithviraj is the proud star of the Malayalees. From Nandanam to the last released driving license, all the films have been seen. Poetry is a person who completely lost sight of an eye in an accident that occurred at a young age

The poet’s only wish for change in nerve activity over the years is to change his gaze to the other eye. She was looking forward to meeting the starry prince, even as she joked that her family and locals were going after her…Kavitha made an attempt to meet Prithviraj at Chadayayamangalam Jatayupara as part of the promotion of ‘Driving License’. Prithviraj was informed of this through the State Committee of Prithviraj Fans.

And all that was going on was the most memorable moments. It was moments when Prithviraj, a great human lover, posed for a photo with his eyes full of poetry.Those who have said that they cannot see can still hold their heads high for a long time. Delighted that his favorite wish had been fulfilled before the end of the sights….

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