These foods can help increase platelet count

Decreasing the count of the platelet count in the blood is not trivial. Platelet counts decrease for a number of reasons. Platelet count is reduced due to viral diseases, genetic diseases and serious diseases like cancer. People with platelet counts should seek proper medical attention and diet. Here’s a look at some foods that can help increase blood platelet count.

Pomegranate, or anar, is a fruit with many benefits. Anar rich in antioxidants helps to increase the count of platelets in the blood. People with a platelet count may be better off drinking pomegranate juice due to different medical conditions.

Like pomegranate, fruits rich in vitamin C also help to increase platelet count. Fruits like oranges, lemons and kiwi are rich in vitamin C. In addition, adding green leafy vegetables and broccoli to your diet can help increase platelet count.

Although she is very young to see, Nellica is very good in health. Gooseberry helps to increase platelet count. Drinking gooseberry juice is also healthy. It is also advisable to eat a single gooseberry daily.Similarly, carrots and beetroot help to increase the count of platelets in the blood. It is best to mix carrots and beet in soup. Papaya is another source of blood platelet count. Drinking boiled water with papaya leaves also helps in increasing the platelet count.

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