Sabarimala: What happened in the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court on Saturday questioned the right of Pandalam palace in Sabarimala. The court also asked whether the administration of the Thiruvananthapuram was safe in the Pandalam Palace. In the Pandalam family, dispute is raging. Why should the Thiruvananthapuram administration be placed under the Pandalam family? The court’s question is whether it can be transferred to the responsibility of responsible officials. Justice NV Ramana asked the state government to take over the administration.

The court held that the palace had no right to occupy the throne. The court asked the Pandalam palace the right to submit the jewelery to God. In the Throne, two factions of the royal family were claimed. The court criticized both parties in this regard.

The Supreme Court raised the question whether Ayyappa was not entitled to the rule of the Holy See. The state government’s stand on the matter will be announced in court on Friday. Meanwhile, the government has verbally told the court that there is no objection to taking over the administration of the Thiruvananthapuram. The state government has told the court that more time is needed to implement the new administration in Sabarimala. It would take another four weeks to draft legislation for the new administration. The government said it had sought the attorney general’s opinion on the law.

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