Father Jino : issues listed

The Moslem Orthodox Syrian Church has been condemned by its clergymen for allegedly committing anti-church activities. Fr. Varghese M. Varghese Chakkum Chirayil was detained in the chapel last night on charges of indecency. It is in this context that the Church is urgently involved.

The clergyman and the young woman were arrested by locals in the chapel of the large church in Vakathanam under the diocese. The incident happened a week ago. Locals have arrested a clergyman and a young woman for having bad things. Father Varghese M. Varghese, a native of Meenakkam, who is known as Chapel vicar Jino, was arrested by the locals in a desperate manner. Action is being taken against this priest. Gino Achen was a clergyman who had a clean image in the church

The young woman fled. Father Varghese M. Locals locked Varghese in the room. Vakathanam Large Mosque is under the Kottayam Diocese. Dr. In the parish of Koorupadapu in Kottayam district under the Diocese of Diocese, the Rev. Fr. The church was in turmoil when it came out following the sexual inaction of Varghese Marcos Aryat.

The housewife committed suicide under the weight of humiliation because she could not bear the torture of Aryat. He did not take any punishment on his name and he was transferred to the more comfortable Chennankari mosque. With the new persecution added, the church ceased to exist. With this, action has been taken. The chapel is a small chapel under a large church. The clergyman and the young woman arrive here at around noon to notice the residents. The girl and the girl went up and closed the room.

With this, locals, including those in the mosque, came to arrest him. Due to this, Achan’s cell was thrown out. The Synod Secretary of the Church, Yuhanonos, made the Orthodox Church think that the priest was once again held in the diocese’s diocese. With this, steps have been taken.

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