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Shias and Sreenish heard about Biggos Two and went live

With the arrival of the wild card entry Bigg Boss, Bigg Boss is waking up to a big uproar. The audience is anxious to have another Pearl Shrine this time.
But now, the former Boss stars Srini and Shias have come to Bigg Boss Live. The biggest question was when Bigg Boss Season 2 arrived. Meanwhile, fans were skeptical that Sandra and Sandra’s friends were discussing the possibility of another gang, like SPS Sreeni Shias.The audience had hoped that Alexandra would take advice from the show and make it to Berlin. Similarly when Shuja arrives at the show, he is said to be a top performer.

Sujyo was also seen as Shias, the champion of Bigg Boss season 1, but the show was shaken up by model Pawan Kadavavaru, who became the star of the show and changed the show. Bhavan came to know that he was in love with the show and later changed the days of his arrival to share a picture of Siya’s wild card. Now, Riyaz is talking about Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss season is a must see. When the fans say that you want to support anybody you like, we are supporting the poor guy. Both of them say that Sujood is a good boy.

video courtesy – cine life


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