Actress Navya’s Post Viral

She left the film for some time after her marriage. Now she is making her debut in Malayalam as a heroine. Now, the actress has shared details of her surprise during the shoot. Navya was last seen in the Kannada movie Dhruvar 14th Dharshana. The actor said that his comeback was due to Manju Warrier’s equally strong character. The actress has a son named Sai Krishna.

Although not active in the film, the photos were active on social media. Navya Nair is returning to India with a year’s break. The actress, who is behind the scenes, has been cast as VK Prakash. Now Navya Nair shared the picture of a traveler in a costume, wearing the same outfit of Navya Nair. She was in the middle of framing and was impressed by the look of her appearance. She was surprised by the color of her chiridar.

Video Courtesy – Cine Life

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