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This is how Sanjo responds in love with Alexandra

Bigboss has reached a new level with the arrival of new competitors through wild card entry. There are arguments and arguments between the new contestants and the show’s original contestants. Within days of his arrival, we have seen Sujo and Pawan clashing with each other. When Pawan revealed about Sujo’s girlfriend, Sujo responded that there was no one. But sujeayute that the alleged victim, what’s the Boss vyaktamakkiyirikkayan.big at the beginning of the second season trptikaramayirunnilla yenkilum not show the audience that makes up the weak and the girlfriend later munnerukayayirunnu matsarat’thikal show after show strong matsarat’thikal gets out of the first and kindness, jesla Uman reached via the wild card.

At the next elimination house, Pavan and Suraj came to Sujan’s friend and Kazin, who told him that Pawan was the boy he was walking with. Pawan questions Sujo’s relationship with Alessandra and claims to have a girlfriend named Sanjana. In an interview with Asianet Online, Sanjana said that Suja’s girlfriend Sanjana has come out with a revelation. Thank you Pawan for staying with him.

He was giving away his jacket and no cake could carry it. Sanjana said, “I am a sucker for a t-shirt that has a lipstick in Sujo’s bag.”


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