The twisted twists and turns in the Devananda case reveal the hidden truth

The turning point in the Devananda case is about to begin. With the coming of the Forensic, a whole bunch of twists and turns are waiting for the truth to come out. So all eyes are on the forensic team at Kudavathoor.Some accusers are now hoping that the impending discovery of forensic officials will lead to it. The role of the forensic department is crucial. Since the discovery of the hand line, every careful observation is no longer crucial. It is hoped that the forensic science staff will unlock the Devananda case.

So the expectations are higher. CCTV is not only a mobile tower but also a way to get technical proof. So everyone knows how important the findings are in a case. The locals hope that forensic meeting will prove a new possibility in Kudavathoor case.
But forensic officials will quickly learn some of the truths that are commonly thought of or deliberately omitted. With years of experience, the only difference between a normal investigation and a forensic expert investigation is that there are some things they find very natural.

video courtesy – malayali vartha

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