5 deaths so far! Landslide in Munnar .. 80 people suspected to be underground


Landslide in Munnar Rajamalai .. It is reported that the landslide occurred in four rhythms .. About 80 families were reported to have landed in Pettimudi block .. The accident took place at 7.30 am .. Police and fire brigade returned there. Heavy landslide reported in Pettimudi plantation area following landslide in Idukki Rajamalai.

It is suspected that the landslide occurred above the rhythm where the plantation workers live in Pettimudi. About 80 people lived in four rhythms. Three people are reported to have been rescued from the ground.

Most of the workers here are of Tamil descent. Accurate information was not available due to power outages. Rescuers have been dispatched to the scene. Great concern exists in the area. The extent of the disaster is not yet understood