Amrutha Suresh’s reply was that he did not need mirrors to see certain things


Amrita Suresh was a singer who was familiar with Asianet’s Starzinger program. Amrita and Bala got married in 2010. Amrita was a contestant on the reality show where she met and fell in love with actor Bala. Later, the two got married. The couple was born in 2012.

But by the time the baby was two years old, the two were separated after four years of marriage. Amrutham followed up with the band ‘Amrutham Gamaya’. Amrita is currently working on YouTube with her sister Abhirami. Amrita and Abhirami became even more noticeable when they entered the Bigg Boss season 2 as a contestant.

Amrita is still active on social media after the show is over. Amrita shares pictures and pictures of her daughter through social media. Now, a picture shared by Amrita Suresh on Instagram has gone viral. Amrita Suresh shared the picture with his nose in his nose, saying that there is no need for glasses to see things in life.

Many people have come to the film for comment. A fan has also responded to this. This comment is now going viral. But the comment was that I needed a mirror to see people with two faces. The film has attracted much attention as this comment has been made. This is linked to Amrita’s personal life and is now being circulated on social media.

Yesterday, a video of actor Bala was highly sought after. On Lockdown, Bala was alone at home in Kochi. Bala’s only daughter is living with Papu’s mother Amrita. Bala lived in Cochin without thinking of another life. It was at this juncture that Bala came up with an emotional video for Mother’s Day.