Dil Bechara Official Review


Knowing very well about the final outcome and what awaits the two principal characters, Dil Bechara, the desi version of the critically acclaimed Hollywood film “The Fault In Our Stars” is still able to offer all the fun and coolness demanded from a feel-good love story. At the same time, it has some intense and emotionally charging moments that gives it a befitting finish as well. It’s not that easy for a remake especially if the adaptation is from a hugely popular film to make a strong impact. Familiarity of the overall plot and how the various critical scenes are going to culminate leaves an adapted film on a very sticky wicket, though there are exceptions. But Dil Bechara is able to overcome that and provide a decent and touching experience.

Sushanth Singh Rajput sadly is no more with us. His portrayal of cancer survivor Immanuel Rajkumar Junior, fondly called Manny, leaves you with a smile and at the same time puts you into tears. Debuting as a lead actress, Sanjana Sanghi also leaves an impression as the cancer patient Kizzie. Sahil Vaid as JP and friend of Manny was able to make his presence despite the story focussing primarily on the two lead characters. Swastika Mukherjee (who was last seen in the series Patal Lok) and Saswata Chatterjee did convincing acts as the likeable parents of Kizzie. A R Rahman’s soothing and peppy music which is already topping the charts complement the genre and mood of the story.

Like me, if you have already watched the original, you will still like Dil Bechara for whatever it has to showcase and it will never be an underwhelming experience. But if you belong to that minority group who have not yet got a chance to watch “The Fault In Our Stars”, I believe you are the lucky ones who will have a far more better experience than the former group.

Review By ChandraMohanGopinath