Faith !


Death always presents pain. It’s not just for kids, it’s for anyone. There are some celebrities who have said goodbye to all Malayalees by burning them like this. Those who died prematurely before they began to live. There are few people who do not sigh even when they remember them. Their marriage was the culmination of years of love. Lakshmi is still grieving over the death of her 16-year-old daughter. Tejaswini was the child angel who was born when God heard the prayers of Balu and Lakshmi, who had been childless for 15 years.The death of Balabhaskar’s daughter Tejaswini was heartbreaking news for the Malayalees last year. The accident took place after visiting the temple with the family. Lakshmi is now living in complete stagnation with the departure of her daughter and husband.

That is why Balu has been looking after everything since Lakshmi’s pregnancy. Johnny grew up as his father’s golden mole. Johnny, who used to carry Balu on his lap on any trip, used to sit on his father’s lap and sleep with his head on his chest even during the accident. Balu, Lakshmi and their daughter lived in a house in Thittamangalam. That is why the father and mother took care of everything for the daughter. Johnny needed his father to feed and sleep with him. Johnny also insisted that his father always pick him up.