Rimi’s ex-husband, Royce, is married


The bride is Sonia, a software engineer. The marriage was arranged in a hotel because the marriage did not get enough permission from the mosque, although it was legal. The ceremony was held at the Ashoka Inn, Thrissur. Only 300 people attended the wedding ceremony with close relatives and friends. At exactly 1 o’clock, Royce adopted Sonia as Haraman’s wife. The ceremony was simple. In Kottayam style, bread, fish and poultry was the main dish and Thrissur’s palada was served. Meanwhile, Remittomi made remarks at an event that was also discussed on social media. Singer and actress Rimi Tomi with the view that lovers should be ready to suffer and be sad. Rimi’s new comment comes after rumors that Rimi’s ex-husband is about to marry another woman. Actress Juhi Rustagi and future groom Dr. Anchor Rimi has opened the doors of the event where Rohit was also a guest. Asked about his love for Juhi and Rohit, Rimi said. Both men were open about the mood they had experienced during a shoot and the breakup that followed. It was then that Rimi told her that her feelings for romance were boring and that only those who were willing to be in pain should fall in love. Rimi’s ex-husband Royce East was married today. Sonia is the bride.

video courtesy – marunadan tv