Harris robs Ramsey’s family of property and money by exploiting 10 years of love and trust


Ten years of love; The belief that he will never give up;

Harris took advantage of the 24-year-old Ramsey’s love and trust. Ramsey met Harris while he was studying at a computer center in Pallimukku, Kollam and later fell in love with him.Harris then went to Ramsey’s house and proposed marriage. The marriage of Ramsey and Harris was confirmed on September 14, 2019 with the consent of both spouses. But it was too late for Ramsey to realize that everything was just a scam.

The girl, realizing she had been cheated on, went to Harris’ house several times and begged him to give her a hand. But Harris and family ruthlessly avoided Ramsey. The nerve in his arm was cut and a picture of it was sent to Ramsey Harris. Ramsey made it clear that he would only face death if he left. The girl thought Harris would feel sorry for her.

But the reaction back then was not like that, Harris ruthlessly told the girl that I was fine even if you died. He begged his mother a lot and she gave up too. She finally hanged herself in the bedroom when she realized she had been completely deceived.