I saw another legends of Indian cinema – Prachi Tehlan


Prachi Tehlan has made his debut in Malayalam cinema through Mamanka. Prachi is all set to make a comeback with Mohanlal. Prachi Pradeep is sharing Mohanlal’s picture with Jeethu Joseph. The actress says she has not decided on her role. This moment will make sense to my last breath. Mohanlal met another legend of Indian cinema. Even though our conversation didn’t last long, he did have something to say. He said he had seen Mamakam and suggested my name to Ram. It was a great honor and inspiration for me.

I have yet to decide if I will act in ramiel. Make that decision after reading the screenplay. Anyway, one thing’s for sure, this is a great team. I’m interested in working with them – sharing their pictures with Mohanlal and Jeetu Joseph. Directed by Jeetu Joseph, Trisha will be playing the female lead in Mohanlal. Prachi played the role of a fighter in Mamangaoth. Prakash got this role from Malayalam cinema.