The actress, who shined with Mammootty as a daughter, girlfriend and mother, is making her comeback with Shylock


Along with megastars we see many stars who appear on the screen as heroines and later as their mothers. However, the actress is now a social media star along with her mother and daughter. Meena is now playing the role of a mother, wife and mother of Malayalam cinema’s all time youth icon Mammootty.

Meena Mammootty played the daughter of Mammootty on the silver screen in 1984’s’ A short story, ‘Nobody’s Story’. Mammootty was Meena’s second father. As a child, Meena later rose to heroine status. In 2001, Meena played the heroine of Mammootty in the movie Rakshasa Raja Raja. Meena Mammootty ‘s mother also appeared on the screen in the film Childhood Sakhi Tele.

Meena is currently working on a silver screen with Mammootty. Shylock is the movie where Mammootty plays the main character. The film is directed by Ajay Vasudev. Shyloch has also had a special appearance with Mammootty and Ajay Vasudev in the lead roles.

The Shylock model is an image that can be included in the Mass Entertainment category. The hero is the character of the villain in the film. Mammootty plays the character. Meanwhile, Shylock also has the distinction of being the first Malayalam film by Tamil actor Raj Kiran. The film has been scripted by Bibin Mohan and Aneesh. The film will hit theaters on January 23.