The Parents is starting to get married, and my groom should be like: Swasika!


Swasika is famous for her long hair and folk beauty. Swasika is a glittering star, both on the mini screen and on the big screen. Svasika is a favorite of the miniscreen audience.

The actress was given the title of Teppukkari after her performance in Kattappanayile Hrithik Roshan. The actor later made his presence known in several films. The big news was that the star recently opened up about his future prospects.

The youth of Kerala have also said that they want a girl like Swasika. The actress is now re-telling her marriage affair in an interview. The Parents have started looking for the groom. They are looking for matrimonial sites. I want my life partner to be a strong supporter of my career and passion.

The star also clarified his views on marriage. Fans want to know if Swasika will get married like her serial character Sita. In the television series Sita, it was romantic scenes that surpassed cinema. That is why there are so many Swasika fans.