This is the son who Got 10 million hit !


This is how he did it for his foster parents after a couple years of raising a son who left a nobody behind. He is the youngest manager in the insurance industry today. The gift that he gave his mother and father in his own hands is the model for the world today. They took Bethel to us who were starving and nurtured, and raised her as her own son and gave them a good education despite suffering. He was encouraged in every step of the way.

When all was gained, he did not forget his mother and father, who built him a beautiful house, which he now owns Bethel, and settled them there as a king and a queen. The post and video that Bethel recently posted on Facebook has gone viral on social media.

Bethel shared the picture on social media by adding a picture of their old home and their current home. This encouraged Bethel to work hard, as a nine-member family, including Bethel, was in a small, waterproof room at any time. His parents loved him like their own son.