You need to know Ramsey


A young man has been arrested in connection with the suicide of a young woman who was upset over her withdrawal from her marriage.

Harris, 26, was arrested in Pallimukku Iqbal Nagar in connection with the death of 24 – year – old Ramsi, daughter of Rahim, at Chira Vila Puthenveettil in Eravipuram vazhakulaththil.Ramsey and Harris have been in love since the time of their studies and their love affair was known to both families and the marriage was postponed as they were not of legal age.

The two families agreed to marry Harris a year and a half ago. Meanwhile, Ramsey’s family often helped out by donating jewelry and money for Harris’ business needs. Harris later declined to comment on the marriage. Meanwhile, Ramsey’s parents allege that Harris got his daughter divorced after another marriage proposal took place after Ramsey’s younger sister’s wedding.